Daniel Diaz Del Castillo


Malalcahuello Cabin


3dsMax, Corona Render, PS


The project began when i saw the beautiful cabin by Iragüen Viñuela Arquitectos on archdaily, but i didn’t want to make the same renders again and again, i wanted something different, something the evoques a feeling on the viewer, i was searching for a cinematic look.
A big part of the inspiration came with 007 Skyfall by Sam Mendez and Chris Lowe

I took the architecture from the Malalcahuello Cabin and the terrain was made following some of the last scenes of Skyfall, were Daniel Craig and Judi Dench are looking at the horizon on a beautiful scenery.

On a technical side all the project was made using 3dsmax / corona render / Photoshop
Friendly shade textures / megascans / Poliigon assets and textures

PRIZES (worth 933 EUR):
  • PULZE / Annual subscription for product of your choise / 50€
  • QUIXEL / Personal 8K 6 months Personal Subscription which means access to 8K Megascans, Bridge, and Mixer / 119 €
  • HUMANO3D / One collection of your choise / 179€
  • DESIGN CONNECTED / 100€ voutchers
  • RD-TEXTURES / free collection of choice / 100€
  • FRIENDLY SHADE / Bundle of your choise / 150€
  • SUBSTANCE / Yearly Indie Subscription/ Access to Substance Painter, Substance Designer, and 30 materials from Substance Source every month / 239€
  • RENDERIZE / promotion on our website and social medias
All submisions: SEPTEMBER 2020.
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Artist Of The Month / September 2020.

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