Albright Residence


TYPOLOGY: Exterior & Interior
STATUS: Completed
LOCATION: Los Angelos, California
CUSTOMER: Luno Design Studio

Albright Residence is an example of our standard workflow. We did it in close cooperation with Los Angeles Luno Design Studio.

This villa is a tribute to the Art Deco style. This architectural trend is characterized by the use of elements such as emphasis on the horizontal line, rounded corners, the use of brick or block, and a subdued color palette. Art Deco is the original historical form of architecture in the Hollywood district of Culver City, in which Albright Residence is located.

The facade of the entrance group is depicted in the sunny daytime, which requires special attention to observing photorealism in displaying the light and shadow, as well as the reflection of the street in the windows of the house.

The same applies to the image with the backyard of the house, but in this case we chose the evening lighting with the backlit facade. We visualized not only the courtyard of the villa, but also the interior behind the panoramic windows illuminated by the built-in light of the apartment. We have been working for a very long time to render the lemon tree that we were trying to plant on the wall so that it crawls adorably.



Software Used:

3dsmax, Corona Renderer, Adobe Photoshop