Alexandra Bridge Concept


This time we will present to you not just  usual residential buildings and premises, but how 3d rendering can deal  with such urban structures as bridges. This project is a conceptual renovation of the old bridge designed by Brigil. It is designed in accordance with environmentally friendly  standards: a lot of greenery, vast space for pedestrians, accessible public transport.

It is worth noting that these aerial view images are almost indistinguishable from drone photos. Due to photo integration materials and Google maps, we were able to accurately recreate the surroundings of the bridge.

In fact, the photorealism of this project was also achieved through the detailed study of the environment. Each image, like captured moments in time, illustrates not only the architectural side of the bridge, but also the life itself – ships passing under, people walking on, cyclists moving forward, etc.

In addition, almost from the very scratch we visualized several objects that were under restoration at the time of shooting angles. For example, the building of the Canadian Parliament in the lower image.

Software Used:

3dsmax, Corona Renderer, Adobe Photoshop