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TYPOLOGY: Exterior
STATUS: Completed
CUSTOMER: The One Atelier

Dali Hotel is a project from The One Atelier Italian studio. The main idea of ​​this complex was to integrate the Hotel complex as environmentally-friendly as possible. In other words, it is an attempt of the most healthy integration of the complex into nature without deforestation and other environmental damage.

The renderings for the Dali Hotel project are an example where visualization demonstrates  a dialogue between the architecture and its environment. With aerial view you can always achieve an impressive result but, in this case, you always need to carefully monitor the high level of the surroundings details.

In addition to the aerial view, we tried to find not the obvious, but spectacular angles while playing with the multi-level landscape. For example, this human view of the neighboring villa and the stretching landscape is like a shot taken in the air.


Software Used:

3dsmax, Corona Renderer, Adobe Photoshop