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This post is devoted to our cooperation with Durasein surface manufacturing company. They produce ecological solid surface materials that consist of half organic and half man-made elements. This material can take any shape and be applied to any surface. Our client has a different series of materials with textures that look like wood, marble, stone.

We decided to combine images from different projects into one post to showcase a lot of great visuals created by Omegarender.

The presence of people in the renders is also no coincidence. Indeed, in addition to creating a beautiful, rich in color and textured environment, our task was to show the ability to create comfortable products from this material. For this reason, the people in the illustration mostly sit and feel quite relaxed at work, reading a book or having a cup of coffee.

More complicated structures with complex geometry can be built from this material. For example, furniture in the shape of a circle, which simultaneously performs the function of a table and a chair. The coating of this object, both outside and inside, is designed by Durasein. Furthermore, pay attention to the rounded ceiling just over the balcony – they imamtetes wood, but still made from another material.

In the renderings, we depicted some kind of interior (or exterior) of a space or a house to show how their material can look in absolutely any application, be it material for furniture or decoration of stairs and walls.

We often used leading lines and symmetrical composition to compose the view of the camera. By centring a shot we portray harmony, proportionality of matter, form and space and this cannot but affect the aesthetic level of perception of the viewer.

We have achieved that in spite of the uncommon production method, the material in the illustration looks quite natural, appealing and is as strong and textured as the initial materials.

Software Used:

3dsmax, Corona Renderer, Adobe Photoshop