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Each studio has its own style and approach to visualization. Some use photo-integration, others use matte painting to create the most effective image. For us there are no boundaries and limits because we stand for full 3d in the implementation of our projects and achieve the ultimate photorealism in any task.

These renders were made for AGC Russia within the framework of a visualization project of glass. Therefore, in order to reliably convey the reflections on the glass facade, we visualized the whole streets, that is, neighboring houses, buildings opposite, street traffic and life inside the building. Since visualisation should be primarily focused on glass, we accordingly decided to illustrate how the facade of a building changes during different periods of the day: from dark and reflecting windows during the daylight hours to transparent and illuminated from the inside of the facility in the evening.

Our art director personally worked on the visualization and constructing the environment in the scene. The building performing the glazing is completely customised and is made according to the client’s references. Using different forms and approaches, our studio shows the possibilities of glazing the facades of the company that addressed us.

Software Used:

3dsmax, Corona Renderer, Adobe Photoshop