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This marvelous architectural project takes place in UNESCO world heritage site – Curonian Spit.

It is reconstruction of old building, which was designed in modernism era. Architects done great job designing a sensitive and caring luxurious building inside deep pine forest.

Our studio was more than happy to work on such a great peace of architecture. We wanted to illustrate not only architecture, but also a feeling of being there, listening to owls and the sound of the sea.

This project is 100% 3D, except for the birdview image, which was taken in special conditions. Flying drones in this area is restricted, so we had to plan our flight with NATO flight control center, organize real pilot for our drone control and do photoshoot while talking to flight center via RC. Was fun and seems it was worth it.

Thank you for watching

Software Used:

Biggest thanks to Corona 3.0, Forest Pack and Railclone developers. 3ds max and photoshop also used.