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TYPOLOGY: Exterior
STATUS: Completed
LOCATION: Somewhere
CUSTOMER: Omega Render

This is a non-commercial test project for the artists of our studio. In other words, we provide them with  the concept of the architectural structure to indulge their imagination, and they implement it in renderings. This time we had an experiment with skyscrapers.

Skyscrapers impressed with their grandeur. As the embodiment of scale, skyscrapers can help a human to feel taller than ever. In addition, they create the impression of openness and submission of vast areas of the neighborhood.

Working with glass facades is always challenging as they ask for a detailed display of the environment in the glass of the building and an internal glow in the evening angles.
In the project there are 2 evening images showing the complex from different perspectives. We experimented with the atmosphere and, since views varied, we are posting both and looking forward to your comments.


Software Used:

3dsmax, Corona Renderer, Adobe Photoshop