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Thinkspace along with Williams Lake First Nation has developed a new administration building which will provide not only administrative offices and meeting rooms but also a gallery, a council chambers and an archeological lab. With a great view of a golf course to the north and an amazing view of the lake to the south, the building is situated just off Highway 97 to the southeast of Williams Lake.
This mass timber building showcases beautiful fir wood beams and posts, both outside and inside. The strategic use of glazing and open atrium areas allows natural light to pour into the inside areas to create warm, bright, and inviting spaces. The warmth of the wood is contrasted by the simple and clean use of glass and steel.  Remaining true to form, all structural elements are exhibited honestly and openly and without any superfluous materials or coverings. Being that most structural, mechanical, and electrical systems are exposed to the eye, meticulous planning and attention to detail was necessary.

Software Used:

3dsmax, Corona Renderer, Adobe Photoshop