Artist Name:

Stanislav Lukianchuk

I would like to thank Renderize Archviz Community for the invitation for the ‘Making Of’ section and for giving me the opportunity to introduce you to a part of my work. To begin with, the RD Residence was a small project that I created in my free time.

01. Inspiration

The movie “Arrival” inspired me to create this project. Namely, the house of the main heroine of the film. This house was built in the 70s in Canada, Quebec by a wonderful architect Roger D’Astous.

I took some screenshots from the movie, and also found photos of the house in Google

Reference images

02. Preparation

I started by creating the terrain. To fill the project, I used one of the best services Quixel Megascans. These were 3D scans, surfaces and decals. I used some 3D models of trees from Evermotion Archmodels 163, 207, 124 and Speedtree. Bushes from Maxtree 6, 14. Also I downloaded 3D models of furniture and decor from

03. Process

First I created a landscape model and a rough model of a house.

Scene from the top view

After that I added some basic trees and furniture. Then I did some test renders.

Making sure that on the right track, I added cameras.

With the help of Corona Scatter, I added grass, surrounding trees, dry leaves, and other forest debris.

The next step was to finalize the model of the house and set up the materials.

The last step was to add interior details and adjust the lighting separately for each camera. For this, I created different MAX files for each camera. For illumination, I used HDRI from VizPeople  and Corona Sun. To make different lighting scenarios, I used Corona LightMix. 

I did the post-processing in Photoshop. Since I use Corona LightMix, LUTs and other Corona processing tools, there are not so many works in Photoshop. This is mainly the correction of the sky, the addition of reflections, the overall brightness and contrast.

Guess what after that. I uploaded work to Renderiz Archviz Community and became an Archviz Artist Of The Year 2019. Thanks so much for your choice guys!

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Making Of RD Residence

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